Co-working Spaces (Hubs) & Startup Entrepreneurship
17 May · Design Hub Kampala Fifth Street, Industrial Area, Kampala, Uganda

Co-working spaces (Hubs) are shared work spaces that offer flexible, affordable office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop. For most startup Entrepreneurs in Africa, the surging growth and rise of co-working spaces (hubs) serves as an opportunity to spur innovation, ideas and creativity.

In our next monthly CREATIVE TALKS AFRICA session, we are excited to have a panel of creative entrepreneurs who will share about their experiences working in Co-working spaces, the benefits and opportunities that startup entrepreneurs should embrace.

Speakers include:

1. Raymond Malinga a Film Maker from Uganda specializing in Animation and the CEO of the Creatures Animation Company Ltd an animation Studio based Kampala Uganda. Director and producer of multi award winning short film "A kalabanda Ate my homework" . Including a selection in the short film corner and Marche Du Film at Cannes 2017 and win at Fespaco 2019. Currently Developing a 3D animated series "Superstar Suubi"

2. Mayke Harding, a consultant who has worked for a wide range of organisations UN, Dutch Foreign Affairs (DGIS), INGO's, Civil Society organisations and consultancy firms. As freelance consultant operating from Kampala, she simply loves exploring social innovations that will make third world societies grow stronger. She has earned her merits working in multicultural teams and partnerships, in search for complementary and win-wins for lasting impact. Building bridges and co-design solutions with like-minded and enthusiastic people in organisations, is what really drives her. As such, she has loved her work supporting Mango Tree, introducing a new internal management model for self-organisation, called Holacracy.

These talks are brought to you by KQ Hub Africa. an Arts & Culture collective Influencing and shaping East Africa's contemporary creative Arts & Culture scene. Delivering collaborative, ambitious & imaginative events since '17.

in partnership with Design Hub Kampala

17th May 3 PM - 5 PM
03:00 PM
Design Hub Kampala Fifth Street, Industrial Area, Kampala, Uganda

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