Women Leaders: Game Changers Conference
08 Aug · Golden Tulip Canaan Kampala

Coco" Chanel, the designer, our Muse for Conference was a Game Changer of her time. Most people don't know that Chanel broke all Fashion Rules by CREATING comfortable male inspired suits for women in a time of uncomfortable, difficult to wear corsets!!!

She Revolutionised Fashion for Women FOREVER!!!

At the time she was ridiculed, undermined, and under-valued because she chose to have courage and challenge the status quo. The need for Women to Rise up and Own their Creativity, Their Uniqueness, and their Voice is upon us.

Today, the world as we know it, has changed - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity are the order of the day!!!! As Victor Frankl once asserted "When we no longer can change the circumstances, we are forced to change ourselves"!!! And this conference provides a platform for Women of all Sectors to starting Thinking Different and tap into their Unlimited Potential!!!

8th August 6 AM - 12 PM
06:00 AM
Golden Tulip Canaan Kampala
The Leadership Academy SA

Our Mission to reach 1Million Vectors by the year 2023. Vectors Live Life with Magnitude and Direction!!! Vectors are Change Agents in Society!!! JOIN OUR LEADERSHIP MOVEMENT !!!

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