07 Sep · Twin Tower Hotel

Theme: “Unique Sustainable Solutions for nonprofit Organizations”.

INVITATIONDear Colleagues and Friends,It is our great pleasure to invite you to the largest and most prestigious CNO – conference for non-profit making organization professionals this 2019. Theme: “Unique sustainable solutions for nonprofit organizations”. The Conference is organized by the “Peculiar Child Care Support (PCCS)” ( in partnership with different organizations and will take place from 7th September 2019 at the Twin Tower Hotel on Bombo Road, Makerere Kavule Kampala Uganda.We expect facilitators, speakers, participants and spatial experts from around 5-8 with established NGOs like UNICEF, JICA, AFFCAD, World Vision, Cornerstone Development among others. CNO - Conference is the premier professional development opportunity for individuals, Groups, CBOs, FBOs, and NGOs for their Executive-level Administrators to hear relevant, up-to-the-minute topics regarding their organizations. Many CBOs and NGOs have been started here in and in around the world but have had such a big challenge in living a sustainable and tolerance life without funders knowledge, leading to the diminishing of the ideas resulting failure to support the local community beneficiary. This lack of transition puts intense pressure on keeping the CBOs and NGOs with rising demands for funding opportunities. The conference gives a unique opportunity to discuss key challenges of our time within the humanitarian profession with fellow peers.Q. Who can attend the conference? Any established CBOs, FBOs, and NGOs seeking for knowledge on how to expand, Individuals and any community group leaders looking for ideas to start up their organizations.To confirm your participation and access to more information, Registration digital Forms and online form please reply to these emails or by responding to the following questions to express your interest:1. Name of the organization2. Your title3. Email address / Telephone 4. Nature of your organizationNote: There will a fee charged for the conference; Individual registration fee - 50,000/= Shs and NGO/CBO/Groups - 200,000/= Shs. Benefits: Networking & Build Partnerships, Shared best practices, organization management and proposal writing skills, Certificate of attendance, How Some Grant makers Prepare, Working with Grantees and Engaging the Media, and Free Wi-Fi We look forward to hear from you and meeting you in Kampala! You’re sincerely,CNO - Management TeamCONTACT: +256 393 241492 / +256 756 313410 / +256 772 949332

7th September 5 AM - 2 PM
05:30 AM
Twin Tower Hotel

CNO - conferences are organized by the management "Peculiar Child Care Support - PCCS" and they focus on creating Unique Sustainable Solutions to Community Problems, with an action for Fundamental Change and Development to Eradicate Poverty.

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