Sembene Across Africa Film Screening 2019
14 Jun · Kingdom Kampala

Sembene Across Africa, A celebration across the continent, with over 20 screenings in 12 countries– 14th June, Kingdom Kampala.

About Ousmane Sembene

An unlikely candidate to become a giant of 20th - century culture, Sembene was the son of a fisherman who was kicked out of school in the fifth grade. After working as a manual laborer for 15 years, Sembene taught himself how write—he was in his 30s—and then, in his 40s, how to make movies.

During the last 50 years of his life, Sembene dedicated his every moment to galvanizing and inspiring his people, creating visionary, profound and subversive stories. His 1960 novel God’s Bits of Wood remains in the canon of world literature. With classic films including Borom Sarret (1963), Black Girl (1966), Mandabi (1968), Emitai (1971), Xala (1975), Ceddo (1977), Camp de Thiaroye (1986), Guelwaar (1992), Faat Kine (2000) and the Cannes-winning Moolaade (2004), Sembene earned the nickname “the father of African cinema.” Sembene was driven and determined, fighting the status quo to continue to make his films independently. His stories were intended to serve as an “evening school” for African workers and to inspire visions of a just, prosperous and free Africa. He died in 2007.


“A true African pic, mirroring everyday problems in the witty guise of a folksy tale ... it marks points with graceful insights, inventive scenes and technical excellence.” – Variety

After Ibrahima Dieng an Illiterate, unemployed Senegalese man, suddenly gets a windfall—a money order from his street sweeper nephew in France for $100—his “friends,” family and debtors swarm, and he finds himself dealing with a Kafkaesque bureaucracy designed to rob him of both money and dignity. The first African film shot in an African language, Mandabi is a winner of numerous international awards.

About SEMBENE! (the documentary)

“Endlessly fascinating ... an enormously moving portrait of the profound way that art can transform those who come in contact with it.” – New York Magazine

In 1952, Ousmane Sembene, a Senegalese dockworker and fifth-grade dropout, began dreaming an impossible dream: to become the storyteller for a new Africa. SEMBENE! tells the unbelievable true story of the self-taught “father of African cinema,” who fought enormous odds to return African stories to Africa. SEMBENE! uses rare archival footage and more than 100 hours of exclusive materials to craft a true-life epic, as an ordinary man transforms himself into a fearless spokesperson for the marginalized.

The Kampala screening is set for June 14th at 6:30PM at Kingdom Kampala, opposite Oasis mall. 10th floor (Rooftop). “Mandabi” will be screened at 7:00 PM, followed by a Q&A with Sembene scholar Dr. Okaka Dokotum and Dr. Dominic Dipio. This will be followed by the screening of “Sembene! the documentary

Entrance is free, RSVP is important but not mandatory.

This screening is presented by Sembene Across Africa (SAA), Galle Ceddo Projects, The Sembene Estates and Maisha Film Lab.

14th June 3 PM - 7 PM
03:30 PM
Kingdom Kampala
Maisha Film Lab

Maisha is a training initiative for emerging East African filmmakers. We provide hands-on intensives in screenwriting,directing,producing,cinematography,editing and sound recording.

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