Artists in Residence Open Studio - Charity, Vien, Njola & Helena
25 Jun · 32° East Ugandan Arts Trust

It’s already been two great months with our current artists in residence; Charity Atukunda, Vien Tumusiime and the collective duo Njola Impressions & Helena Allan. As their time here comes to an end, we invite you all to come and check out what they’ve been working on during their residency at 32° East.

Charity is a painter/illustrator who is exploring the identity of objects in Ugandan homes. What history do they hold? How is the object in your mother’s sitting room chosen? She explores these topics with animation and live objects with 2-d animation.

Vien is a painter who is experimenting with different art forms and techniques to produce a book that fuses writing, poetry and painting.

Njola Impressions and Helena Allan are a weaving and embroidery duo collectively known as Compose. They work with a range of materials including recycled fabrics, varying tyres, cotton, silk, dyes from leaves, bark cloth and banana fibre to make clothes, costumes, shoes, bags, furniture and more.

The artists will be welcoming visitors into their studios on 25th June from 3:00 to 5:00pm.

Come and learn about their process!

25th June 12 PM - 3 PM
12:00 PM
32° East Ugandan Arts Trust
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