Next.Legal Summit
05 Jul · Century Cinemax Uganda

The Next.Legal Summit will bring together startup founders, investors, lawyers and enthusiasts to discuss changing trends in the startup ecospace as well as assess the startup and emerging companies legal space. For its 5th Anniversary, Bytelex Advocates is celebrating a culture of innovation and support for radical ideas by highlighting the firm’s transformative growth and the future of legal-technology. The summit shall also review innovation as well as unconventional approaches and solutions. The programme will include a panel sponsored by the Berkeley Law Society titled 'Startups and Investor Discourse: Five years in an emerging ecosystem. How do you finance a tech-startup and exit in East Africa? ', product launches and a cocktail. The event shall also be live-streamed. #BytelexAt5 #NextLegal

Free Entry! Limited Slots Available!

2pm to 6pm Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall Kampala

5th - 17th July
11:00 AM
Century Cinemax Uganda
Bytelex Advocates

Law Firm that provide legal and advisory services for emerging growth and high technology companies in order to spur consistent growth.

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