Children Saturday Cycling Program
22 Jun · Tirupati Mazima Mall

The GoFree Uganda Children’s weekend cycling program aims to create a peaceful and engaging learning environment open to children in society irrespective of their background. We want to encourage them to care for each other,care for the environment, show mutual respect and learn positive values that will help them thrive in life.

One of the goals of the GoFree Uganda children’s weekend cycling program is to nurture positives values in children in a fun inclusive environment where children can socialize through play, explore their surrounding environment and community! We do this by engaging children in a session of two hours of play through cycling in an every Saturday program which helps also in keeping children healthy and active.

The children weekend cycling program is dedicated to promoting cycling as a healthy, socially responsible, economically sustainable and environmentally friendly activity among children as we nurture positive values in the future generation.

We believe in the power of cycling to unlock children's potential! Welcome to join our #CycleForaCause

Don't miss out - Contact us for more information on how to have your child involved! Lets make the children's week and weekend amazing with a ride like no other. "Cycling for a cause"



Phone: +256779767372

Location: Tirupati mazima mall

Ggaba road, Kampala opposite Le château brasserie belge shop 41-42

22nd June - 17th August
09:00 AM
Tirupati Mazima Mall
Go Free Uganda

We are a grass root social enterprise initiative founded by Akuwa Derick a project manager of Flock of Birds Dutch Founded Social Enterprise Organization and a cycling enthusiast with great passion for Sports, biking adventure and exploration.

The initiative was founded and started conducting activities in 2014 with a commitment of offering the best and most adventurous bicycle tours and related services in Uganda with a major focus on creating employment opportunities for the local youth in Uganda through conducting various cycling related services.

Our Business

We offer a variety of bicycle tour packages and we try to fit in as many unique experiences as we possibly can into each Bicycle tour and service so as to provide you with the best memorable and joyous cycling experience while in Uganda, while keeping the price affordable and empowering people through providing employment opportunities to the locals with whom we work and collaborate with to make the tours and services such a great experience for our clients and supporters.

We aim to offer the best cycling experience in Uganda and show you the real cycling adventure be it in the city or countryside.

Our Vision

Our vision is create employment opportunities for the local majority youth through conducting bicycle tours and other service based activities which will enable the engaged youth to upgrade their well-being and can thus uplift themselves, families and their communities out of chronic poverty.

Through the various programs run by the Go Free Uganda bicycle company we have experienced so many amazing success stories ranging from positive social behavioral change to economic empowerment of the local youth with whom we work with.

There is a huge need and demand for alternative employment or working opportunities for the local youth. At Go Free Uganda we nurture personal development skills that match the existing service demand on the local and global market.

Our Mission 

Combine Individual personal growth through learning while working and earning to meet the immediate major challenge of youth unemployment in Uganda

At Go Free Uganda we work with local youth from different walks of lives and we offer equal working opportunity to all the youth. We hope to add on training of job-specific skills, additional coaching, support and education for further personal development.

“Cycling for a cause, One pedal @ a time” To Create employment and economic empowerment through cycling

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